PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride.PVC is a type of material is very durable, has great insulating properties and under normal conditions does not emit any harmful chemical fumes. Its chemical composition can be altered to make it very flexible, as in an inflatable swimming pool, or very stiff and strong, as in a PVC door. We see PVC everywhere in our world, from waterproof workboots to electrical extension cords. We see it everywhere because PVC has proven itself to be one of the strongest, most useful materials in the modern world.


Because of its unique chemical structure, a PVC door provides better insulation and therefore better energy efficiency than a traditional timber door. When used as a door frame, PVC is actually three times more energy efficient than its aluminium counterpart. It is also virtually maintenance free, never requiring stripping or repainting. Just wipe the surface clean occasionally and it is as good as new. While a timber door frame will warp, shrink and expand over time, a PVC door frame remains perfectly stable because it is 100% waterproof. While other types of materials fade or discolour when exposed to direct sunlight, PVC is highly UV resistant and remains looking new throughout the life of your door.

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